The working week is over and it`s time to pay attention to those little things that you forget because you were busy. And what could be better than having time for yourself after drinking your morning coffee. During the week you probably don’t have time for your nails and Saturday is perfect to correct that.

Since we are well into the fall season it is now time to ditch the bright colorful nail polish’s and dig out your deep dark favorites. But I`m still obsessed with ombre nails, so I ask myself what would happened if I combine them.

Red and black are indisputable classics – clothes, shoes, makeup, music, books, etc. Red manicure is like white shirt – the thing that every woman should wear and black nails are like little black dress – never a wrong decision.

So what you need:

Red and black polish, make up sponge, top coat, base coat, nail polish remover, ear clean sticks.


Step 1:

Shape your nails and apply the base. I use nail hardener because my nails are brittle but you can use any base coat you want.

Step 2:

Place red and black polish onto the sponge. Put a little bit more because the sponge absorbs the color. Use the sponge which has gradient color on it as a stamp. Gently press it on your nails a couple of times, because it’ll look uneven when you try to put on at the first time. Don’t worry about the extra polish, it will be removed later.

Step 3:
Remove extra nail polish with the nail polish remover and ear clean sticks. Add the top coat.


E voilà – your ombre fall nails are ready. That wasn’t too hard, was it? There are tons of different ombre nail polish color combinations! What is your favorite combination?



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Love, Lucy


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